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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning


    • Fully Insured
    • Fast Drying
    • Sanitized 
    • Deodorized 
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    We specialise in Commercial carpet cleaning such as:

    • Hotels
    • Guest Houses
    • Offices
    • Pubs
    • Schools
    • Care Homes
    • Industrial Units

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost

    Most of our commercial carpet cleaning contracts and jobs are based on square meters.

    Our average price is £1 per square meter.

    (This is our guide and can vary so we would advise getting in touch to arrange a site visit)

    We have the best carpet cleaning machines on the market. This allows us to work safe and fast offering the best value. If you need to check our insurance documents, please email


    If you have the correct measurements of the area size, we should be able to quote directly over the phone.

    To arrange a site visit, then please call or email.

    Tel: 07533 955 447



    Fully Insured

    We are insured from a well know UK insurance company up to 2 million. We also have employment liability insurance.


    Van Mount & Portable Machines

    Our machines are so powerful most of the time they do not need to leave the van. This allows us to work extremely fast which in return is cost effective to the consumer. We will simply run the solution and vacuum hose into the building directly from the van.

    Portable Machine

    In some commercial cases, running long hoses can cause a trip hazard. In this situation  would use a powerful portable machine and section off the area with carpet cleaning warning signs.


    Commercial Carpet Cleaning UK Coverage

    Heaton Carpet Cleaning are based in Stockport and we cover most of the UK. If you can make the job cost effective, then we are happy to take on the job.

    Please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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