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Terms & Conditions

Heaton Carpet Cleaning Ltd is open for complaints and claims from customers. However, we should be informed by email or letter about such claims and complaints within 24 hours after the completion of the carpet & upholstery cleaning service. Once we decide that these claims viable, we will send back our team of cleaners to redo the cleaning task to the satisfaction of the customer.


We do not provide refunds or discounts of any sort. Whether or not the client allows us to send back our cleaners to complete their job, without charges. If you have been charged incorrectly, we reserve the right to amend this.

Heaton Carpet Cleaning Ltd cannot guarantee to remove stains. Most of the time customer unsatisfaction is due to wear and tear rather than the quality of the cleaning works. This may include crushed pile, sun damage, bleaching and more. Please note after using our service you will have a clean carpet not a new carpet. We need to make this clear as in some cases customers expectations can be far from reality.

The Company will use its best efforts to provide a good result, but Clients are asked to be aware of these limitations which are common to all cleaning operations. Stains are not always visible before dirt is removed and it may not be possible to remove those stains completely.

Heaton Carpet Cleaning Ltd offers additional services such as:

  • Stain spotting
  • Pet hair removal
  • Carpet & Upholstery Repairs
  • Carpet & Upholstery Dye (Colour Correction)
  • Scotchgard

In our basic service the above is not included. In our basic service you will receive the following:

  • Pre-Vacuum (If required)
  • Pre-Spray
  • Hot Water Steam Extraction
  • Deodorization


In most cases the basic service is adequate to remove common stains such as food and protein stains. However, this service may not remove dyes, paint, heavy grease, and certain spot stains. We recommend the customer to be truly honest with us at the point of booking. Our team will be able to advise you about our services in greater detail.

Pet Hair

If you have an animal in the house, we advise you to book for pet hair removal. With a basic clean lots of pet hair will be removed however its likely there will still be visible amounts of pet hair. For extreme pet hair removal, we use different attachments such as rollers and sticky pads, obviously this takes a lot longer, we must increase the price for this.


Smalls such as Urine, mould & damp and similar can sometimes seep into the underlay and even surrounding surfaces such as walls, doors & floors. Under no circumstances can we guarantee to remove any type of smell.


Small Room / Medium Room

Maximum size for small room 12ft by 12ft

Maximum Size for medium room 16ft by 16ft

If the client booking in for small to medium room and on arrival the room size is larger. We reserve the right to cancel the job or charge extra. (This will be discussed before commencing the job)

In these circumstances we may charge £2 per extra square meter.


Key collection / Key Delivery

In some cases, we need to collect keys from estate agents or similar. We charge £25 for this service if the collection and delivery point are within 20 miles from the property where the cleaning will be taking place.

If you have any question regarding these terms and conditions, please email


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