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Heaton Carpet Cleaning – Prochem Stain Pro

prochem stain proCustomers are always asking us how do we manage to remove stains such as tea and coffee as well as other genrral food stains. Well the main answer is Prochem Stain Pro. This chemical is unreal. Used alone without our machines i cannot see it doing anymore than any other household cleaner. However used with 200 degrees steam blasting out and getting sucked up like the inside a tornado Prochem stain pro is absolutely amazing stuff.

We have been cleaning carpets in Stockport for years with this stuff and its totally incredible.  We would not set off to work without it. Please do remember this is for professional use only and its best left to the professionals as this can be harmful to both yourself and your carpets if now used correctly.

This product is normally used in high traffic areas such as canteens where office staff are prone to tipping tea and coffee and the way back to there desks.

If you have stubborn stains that cannot be removed please use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll arrange a quote.

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