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Mattress Cleaning Methods

mattress cleaning stockportOur mattress cleaning service is available anywhere in Stockport or Manchester. If you would like a quote for more than one mattress please use the contact form or call us on the telephone number.  We will be happy to take the call and advise you on prices. If you are hotel please use the hotel contact form located on the hotel carpet cleaning Manchester page

If you are interested in using our service please check out the prices page



Stage 1 

Firstly we completely vacuum the mattress on both sides as well as the sides using a very powerful vacuum. This removes bed bugs and dead skin cells.

Stage 2

prochem microsan for mattress cleaningWe will then use a power spray to deeply penetrate the mattress with Prochem Microsan. More information on this product HERE. Microsan is a very powerful Biocidal cleaner to kill viruses such as MRSA and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, Coronavirus this ensures as fully hygienic clean.

We allow the product to soak in for 5 minutes.

Stage 3 

If the mattress contains no stains we will then jump straight to stage 4. If the mattress contains stains we we will then apply one of twenty different specific stain removers and allow to soak in for a few moments. After the pre soak we will then use an agitator brush to scrub and agitate the area.

Stage 4  

This is the final stage of the mattress cleaning task. Depending on which type of mattress we are cleaning we will either use hot spray extraction or steam extraction. Using an upholstery cleaning wand we will spray either steam or hot water onto every inch of the mattress and remove all the dirty water.

Once the cleaning is complete we usually leave the mattress standing up right for a few hours to completely dry.

If you have had your mattress for few years and never had it cleaned. I’m sure you will be disgusted to see how filthy the extracted water is. It is usually thick black sludge.  You will sleep much better knowing your mattress is completely clean. If you would like either carpet cleaning or mattress cleaning please the contact form to get in touch.

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