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Rug Doctor Vs Prochem / Ashbys / Airflex etc

We have been asked a few times “Can I do it myself with a rug doctor?” The short answer is No These machines retail for £500 for the top of the range models. The chemicals to go in the machines are expensive and weak in terms of cleaning power.

If your carpets get very dirty on a regular basis rug doctor machines can be great especially If you have pets.  We recommend getting your carpets done professionally in the beginning.


Three reasons these machines do not compete with professional machines. The first reason is they lack suction power and leave carpets smelling like a wet dog smell.

Professional machines do not completely dry carpets and that’s why professional carpet cleaning companies such as Heaton Carpet Cleaning Stockport use air movers. Air movers are extremely powerful fans that move the moist air out of the room quickly. The air movers cost more to buy than the top of the range rug doctors.


Second rug doctors are not as good is PSI. A high PSI is needed to blast the water deep into the carpet pile. Blasting the water and cleaning solution deep into the pile gives a deep clean.

Comparison between PSI on rug doctors VS our professional machines

Top of the range rug doctor machine – 28 PSI

Heaton Carpet Cleanings machines – 150 – 400 PSI


pvc pipeThird reason is the water temperature, rug doctors do not have heating elements. These machines use hot tap water, you could boil the kettle but the pipes the water travels down would most melt or deform because rug doctors use a water pipe which is similar to a fish tank pipe.

prochem pipeWith professional machines they are have built in water heaters which allow constant hot water on demand. The pipes are designed to carry water over 100 degrees and even steam. The hotter the water the better results you get from your carpet cleaning service.

This post sounds like it have it in for rug doctors which I don’t, in general terms they are OK they do the job but they do not compare with professional machines for the reasons listed above. Carpet cleaning is best left to the professionals.

Average price per room from a profession company is around £45. For this you get the full works. You could have your room cleaned over 10 times for the price of a rug doctor and that is without buying the cleaning solution.

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