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Doing Our Best To Keep Carpets Safe From Covid 19

prochem microsanWhen the virus first appeared, we were reluctant to go out and clean carpet in Stockport, however the time has come where we can no longer sit in our houses all day and do nothing. The calls were still coming in and returning and new customers were still wanting carpets cleaned.

Last week we decided to go back to work and get the business up and running again. Like many other businesses here in the UK and the rest of the world, we were unsure how to do this correctly.

We have now purchased a large quantity of PPE such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. This is mainly to protect ourselves but what could we do to protect the public?

Our number one chemical supply company is prochem and luckily enough prochem have developed a chemical which claims to kill the coronavirus. You can see this here for yourself.

At this moment in time not many people know for sure what can combat the corona virus. Everyday we hear different things such as bleach, Dettol, UV light etc.  I am sure you can understand we are not able to apply bleach and Dettol to carpets.

The process we now use for all carpet cleaning jobs is first applying prochem microsan this is the chemical that claims to kill the virus.

We apply this generously after vacuuming the carpets.

We then deep clean the carpets using hot water extraction or steam extraction.

Usually the final step after this would be to deodorize the carpets but instead. we are now applying another generous spray of microsan and then deodorising.

To be honest like everyone else doing their bit to combat the virus we are unsure if this is working however, we are doing it anyway just for peace of mind for both customers ourselves.

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