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Carpet Cleaning Dirty Water From Prochem Galaxy

dirty carpet cleaning water It never ceases to amaze me how dirty the water comes out from carpets that actually look clean. I do my carpets in my own house around every two months. The water is disgusting that comes out.

It just goes to show how good the Prochem machine range is if used correctly with the right chemicals.

I personally do not like to stop cleaning a carpet until the water is clean and clear, this is why i recommend the carpet cleaning maintenance deal to all my customers. The maintenance deal allows regular cleaning of carpets which require a less intense clean. In most cases its just a few licks and swipes to get completely clean water.

The dirtiest water we have ever come across is a end of tenancy clean, the carpets must have been around 15 years old and they had seen many of tenants over the years.

The water was that thick we had to empty the machine promptly to stop if from setting like thick sludge. To this day that was one of the worse jobs we ever faced. However it was satisfying to see the end result.

As a carpet cleaner its not often i recommend buying a new carpet but in this case i probably should have.

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